Our Story

Our story begins with the long history of refined European style. It’s timeless elegance, often imitated but never duplicated, has been out of reach for those living in the United States for a long time. Thus the inspiration for BORGESIA was born: making uncommonly tasteful, authentic European high-fashion available to women of taste around the world.

We work directly with our manufacturers to offer clothing of lifetime quality. Every piece is made of exclusive Italian fabrics, tested for durability, and meticulously hand-crafted in Europe. Because each piece is offered amongst a coordinated collection, it allows one to build a flexible wardrobe to reflect individual style and adjust to any occasion.

Our collection includes only pieces whose understated beauty and class will never let you down. They hold their own amongst the wardrobes of First Ladies. They reflect the power and effortless grace of being an enlightened woman in the modern world.

An ode to powerful statements said in a whisper. Modest, appropriate, yet impactful. Always saying more with less.
This is about expressing femininity that isn’t shy - but doesn’t have to be loud. It simply is. And always will be. That’s why we call it timeless.